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Services Offered

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Discovery Call

Book a quick discovery call to get any questions answered and discuss your training goals.

Free Consultation Session

Book a free consultation (on-site or off-site) with a GT coach to create a gameplan to reach your goals.

Personal Training | Physical Therapy | Nutrition

In-Person Training

In-Person training packages both on-site or off-site. Options include 30min or 1hr sessions, 1-1on-1 or partner training, and in packages from 10-40 sessions.

Guest Pass available!
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Rent A Rack

Hourly Gym Reservations without a trainer. Bring a friend for an additional $5/hr. 


Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Receive high quality physical therapy to improve your injuries through personal 1-on-1 therapy. Work with a doctor of physical therapy to strengthen and improve your body. No script needed.

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Cupping Service
Cupping Therapy

Book either a 30min or 1hr cupping session to improve muscle tightness, improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and trigger points.

30-min Session  |  1-hour Session


Book appointments with our expert nutritionist for personalized guidance in weight management, sports nutrition, and overall health improvement. Choose convenient time slots and take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle today!

Private Yoga

Book personalized yoga sessions tailored to your needs and schedule. Start your journey to wellness and inner balance today!

Online Fitness
Online Program

Easily sign up for virtual fitness programs designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals from the comfort of home.

What's the best fit for you?

Speak with a transformation specialist to learn more.

Don't know what kind of training you need to hit your fitness goals?
Don't worry, we got you! Book a quick call with one of our certified personal trainers to find out where to start.

In-Person Training Packages

An engaging image capturing an off-site in-person training session. The picture showcases a group of individuals gathered in a well-lit and spacious venue, actively participating in a training session. The attendees are focused and attentive, with their attention directed towards the front where a trainer is leading the session.

In-Person Training either on-site or off-site. Training service options include 30min sessions, 1hr sessions, 1on1 training and partner training. Packages range from 10-40 sessions.

1-On-1 1-Hour Sessions

1-On-1 30-Minute Sessions

Partner 1-Hour Sessions

Manual Therapy

Image of a woman undergoing cupping therapy, with circular glass cups placed on her back. The therapy aims to promote relaxation and relieve muscle tension through suction-induced therapy.

Cupping therapy is a form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been used for thousands of years. This treatment uses negative pressure to separate different layers of tissue to improve blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage, reduce muscle tightness, get rid of trigger points, and more!

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