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The Genesis Training

-started in 2020 during a difficult time to provide people an option to maintain and improve their fitness levels regardless of the circumstances. As the world changes, it is becoming more difficult for people to have access to the equipment to train. We are a fitness and human optimization company that empowers individuals with the tools and resources necessary to meet their physical and mental goals. Whether you struggle with your health and fitness inside or outside of the gym, we have you covered.

Founded by athletic trainer Austin Moy, Genesis Training was an outlet for people to stay active, learn about their bodies, and improve their fitness when gyms were closed. During its short existence, genesis training has seen tremendous growth and support from the Jersey City and Hoboken communities. As we continue to grow, our primary goals are to continue to nurture personalized relationships with our clients to help them crush their goals.

Genesis Training has planted their roots in the heart of Jersey City back in April 2021. Since then, Genesis Training Fitness Specialists have been servicing the Hudson county area by traveling directly to our clients and training in apartment gyms or training in one of our affiliate facilities. We have also expanded our horizons to live virtual training and online programming so that anyone can benefit from our unique and personalized training approach.


What do
we do?

Our Mission

To empower others to lead quality lives by committing to a gold standard of excellence.

Our Vision

To live in a world that lives up to its potential physically and mentally.

Optimize Your Life!

Austin Moy


Austin Moy

IASTM/Cupping Certified, RPR level 1, Wim Hof Method Coach.

Hi, my name is Austin and I am the owner and head fitness specialist at Genesis Training. I've spent years educating myself, researching, working with fitness and health care professionals, and (I'm not kidding you) hundreds of trial and error tests to design an effective transformation program. And through the years I found that the key to producing results is accountability, consistency, and an individualistic approach to training.

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training from Sacred Heart University in 2019, and since, have become a certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified nutrition coach, certified/licensed athletic trainer, cupping therapist, level 1 RPR/IASTM/Manual therapy certified. In my years working in the fitness industry, I found a lack of continuity and standards. I am motivated and dedicated to building a reputable company that can serve as a gold standard in fitness as well as provide unique solutions to the challenges, both physically and mentally, that people face on a day-to-day basis.


Fitness Specialists


Fitness Specialist - NSCA Certified

Hi, my name is Robbie. I am an NSCA certified personal trainer, former NCAA D1 & semi-professional athlete, and have a bachelor's degree in exercise science from Saint Peter's University.

Coupling knowledge from my comprehensive education with my experience as an athlete, I am convinced that functional training is the most effective and fun way to train! I strongly believe that everyone has an athlete inside them and my goal is to bring that out in you!

I have experience working with an extensive range of people - from youth athletes aged 6 - 16 years all the way up to osteoporosis patients aged 70 years plus. No matter what age or ability; my goal remains the same - I aim to build a personal relationship with clients to encourage them inside the gym and hold them responsible for actions outside the gym & educate my clients to lead a healthy active lifestyle while being the best version of themselves.

Strength and Conditioning, Sports Training, Strength, Weight Loss, Osteoporosis/Osteopenia


Fitness Specialist - NASM Certified

Jessica Rosario is a NASM CPT, BJJ purple belt, and is a yoga practitioner. At the age of 30 with 2 children, Jessica desired to pursue a healthy lifestyle and after 10 plus years of fitness training and self-development, she decided to turn her passion into a career. She is also a certified life coach and practices meditation daily. Her approach to fitness philosophy helps her clients achieve their fitness goals while incorporating a healthy attitude, mindfulness and body positivity.

Flexibility/Mobility, Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Pre/Post-Natal


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Delano Smalls. I have a Bachelor’s in Biology health sciences and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. My passion for fitness started at a young age as I participated in a variety of different sports such as football and Martial arts. Now I bring that same dedication and passion that I needed to succeed in helping my clients on their fitness journeys.

My time working as a therapy aide has given me experience working with different populations of all ages with varying health conditions. My goal is to not just assist my clients in the gym, but also to get them to make small changes in their daily habits until they’re living healthier overall lifestyles.

Sport-specific training , Corrective exercise , Strength and conditioning, Weight loss, HIIT, Flexibility and stability


NASM Certified Personal Trainer and CPR Certified

Enrique Cruz (NASM Certified Personal Trainer and CPR certified) has been professionally training clients for over 20 years. Enrique holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. He trained for most of that time in Manhattan, New York City and is now offering his services in Hudson County. Boxing/ Kickboxing for everyone, Strength and Conditioning, Cardio, all ages- Adults, Seniors and Children all welcome. Enrique also has an extensive background in training Post-rehab/ physical therapy clients- focusing on Balance, Coordination, Confidence. Pfizer vaccinated and booster.

Strength and Conditioning, Boxing/Kickboxing, Post-Rehab, Group Training, Mental Health


Fitness Specialist - NCCA Accredited

Hi, my name is Mouhamed but my nickname is Moe and I am 23 years old. I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I was born in raised in Jersey City, the best city! There is nothing the mind can’t achieve. I take passion in inspiring individuals on the infinite quest of becoming the best version of themselves mentally and physically.

Strength and Conditioning, Running Coach, Corrective Exercise


NASM CPT, NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), Certified Conditioning Coach, FMS Lvl. 1

Hi! This is Anthony! I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. I am also a BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach, the most proven system in Cardio & Conditioning Training. My Passion for fitness started at an early age through a love of traditional sports & MMA…and it is still going strong! I believe every person is different, so I create detailed programs specific to your individual needs. I mix things up to keep it fun, but I always keep the goal in mind!

Strength & Conditioning, Fat Loss, Building Muscle, Sport Specific Conditioning, Corrective Exercise


Fitness Specialist - NASM Certified

Hi I'm Claire Hampsey. I am a NASM-certified personal trainer and group fitness specialist. I grew up playing every sport I could and fell in love with fitness at an early age. With over 7 years of personal training and group fitness experience, I have had the pleasure of working with people from all sorts of backgrounds, from seasoned athletes to beginners. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness and that physical and mental fitness go hand-in-hand... and that having fun while working out is the most effective way to train!

Outside of the gym, I love running and yoga. I run the New York City marathon every fall to raise money for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I am also an actor, working mostly in film and TV.


HIIT, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training, Marathon Training, Weight Loss, Group Fitness.


Adie Albesa

Hi, my name is Adie. I'm a graduate of communications and media studies. My 6 years of experience exposed me to a variety of industries where I gained skills and knowledge used to accelerate business growth.

I am dedicated to helping others grow just like the trainers at Genesis Training. I want their priority to be you, so I support the team by doing the day-to-day business operations needed to deliver quality service. I strive to optimize our processes to ensure an efficient team that will meet and exceed client satisfaction, understanding that our main goal is your fitness success.

Our Affiliations

Need A Place To Train?

Our Affiliate Gym

We have partnered with a private fitness studio to provide a safe location for you to work with your fitness specialist. Safety, sanitation, and a good sweat are our priorities when it comes to the training equipment we use to produce results.

Covid Protocols

Due to the circumstances of the world, Genesis Training and their partners are trying their best to keep a safe environment for people to train. All Genesis Trainers are required to wear a facemask during all training sessions. The equipment is sanitized before and after each use, and the gym is equipped with a state of the art air purifier to keep clean air circulating.

Ultimately you should take responsibility for your health and it is up to your discretion if you want to wear a facemask while training.

Trainers can wear facemasks if requested by the client.

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