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Get to utilize a state of the art facility that opened up in August 2022. Climb your way to your goals on the CLMBR or complete high intensity workouts on the Tonal. This luxurious gym consists of 3 foldable squat racks, 4 different size adjustable dumbbells up to 90lbs, cast iron kettlebells, a maxpro cable machine, and a lot of other equipment to help you crush your goals! Work out in a brightly lit, music filled, air conditioned oasis.


Certified Coaching

Train with a team of nationally certified personal trainers provided by Genesis Training. Whether it’s preparing for a wedding, starting a family, or making a lifestyle change, we have to tools and resources to help you stay consistent and accountable. Train with our trainers in this beautiful gym, or have one of us come train you at your apartment gym.

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About the Hive

Austin, the founder of Genesis Training, decided that the community of Jersey City deserved a gym/fitness studio where people can transform their bodies in a comfortable and energizing environment. Austin envisioned a gym where people can make strides towards their goals, weather it was weight loss, weight gain, strength training, bridal fitness, or pre & post natal training. Thus, the HIVE gym was born. A luxury fitness space that not only contained quality gym equipment, but also an affordable gym that allowed people to reach their full potential.

The HIVE has become a home to the Genesis Training team, a collective of local personal trainers who are in the top of their field and are nationally recognized in their profession. Only located half a mile from Hamilton Park and the Grove Street PATH station, the HIVE is an intimate space where all are welcome to workout and train with us. Have the opportunity to try out this luxury fitness studio and experience the private workout of a lifetime.


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