Youth/ Sports Training

Genesis Training Strength Academy


Team Workouts

Develop strength and sport-specific skills in a group setting to elevate your game and prepare you for the next level of competition.


Private App Access

Gain access to our state-of-the-art wellness app where you can directly monitor your progress, track workouts, and  see objective results that will translate into increased athletic performance.


College Preparedness

Work with former collegiate athletes, and strength and conditioning coaches who can prepare and educate you on the next steps of your athletic career.

4-Week Training Phases/ Enrollment Periods


Our Youth Programs

Headed by Austin, a certified Athletic Trainer and Strength Conditioning Coach, and Robbie, a certified Strength Coach and former Collegiate Athlete, designed this program to prepare young athletes aspiring to compete in collegiate athletics. With both of their knowledge and experience working in the collegiate setting, Austin and Robbie are excited to prepare and train the next generation of athletes. In this program, young athletes will be exposed to college-level training programs, proper form and strength development, and have the chance to learn from a collective of former collegiate athletes from various different backgrounds. This comprehensive program aims to provide a competitive advantage over their peers.

Limited Offer!

Program starting at $500 per month. (Approximately $40/session)


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