Nutrition Programs


Custom Nutrition Programs

A monthly program designed to improve your eating habits 

Custom-built Nutrition Programs

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Live Nutrition Counseling

Connect with a dietitian or clinical nutritionist on a weekly basis and receive top-quality counseling on eating habits and dietary planning.



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24/7 Support

Gain access to our state-of-the-art wellness app where you can directly communicate with your nutritionist. Features include food diaries, customized meal plans, habit development, and daily accountability.
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Weekly Workouts

Receive additional on-demand workouts to supplement your nutrition goals. Burn unwanted body fat as you optimize your nutrition.

What's Included?

Monthly Evaluations
Weekly Check-in Meetings
Private Access to Our Wellness App
24/7 Wellness support
Supplemental Workouts
In Depth Nutrition Plan
Habit Development / Accountability

The Ultimate Monthly Nutrition Program


The Practice

Work directly with our in-house dietitian or clinical nutritionist to help you develop the right eating habits and nutrition plan to reach your ideal weight without going on fad diets or starving yourself. Our experts will be able to identify problems with your eating habits and hold you accountable to new habits that will benefit you long term.

We understand you are human, there are temptations and bad influences everywhere. We help our clients understand their relationship with food on a deeper level, so we can change the underlying habits that prevent you from eating healthier and maintaining a healthy weight. Here at Genesis, we focus on habit development, accountability, consistency, and sustainability to help our clients reach their goals. Our experts understand that habit stacking and the compound effect play a huge role in your diet as well as your stress levels, sleep quality, and mental health. We like to take a well rounded approach with includes positive reinforcement, physical workouts, and other daily tasks to keep you on track.



Who would benefit?

People who struggle with:

Eating disorders
Chronic Illnesses
Weight/Muscle Gain
Unhealthy Relationship with food
Lifestyle change
Athletic Competitions
Chronic Illness
Dietary Restrictions
Autoimmune disorders

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